2-2-2009 @ 2:00 PM


DonnaYes, the big day was there. Donna and Robin are married! And to be sure, we made sure that there were plenty of witnesses to confirm that this strange event really happened.

The date we signed our future is, as you can see, 2-2-2009. It was a wonderful day to experience. There was rain, clouds, some sunshine and loads of people that came to check us out. However, as donna wanted me in a suit, (NO WAY!!) something alternative had to be planned to make sure that I did not have to wear a tie around my neck. Getting married is one thing, but being pulled around by my neck with a rope just goes too far for my sense.


So what happened?

RobinI have asked Donna to marry me, to confirm my own feelings for her, on a very surprising airport day when she was heading back home to the UK somewhere around February 2004, when she went home after Valentine's day. I did this with a very big surprise sms message after she went through the gate and i was heading back to my own place, or should I say, parents place. Her simple text message back was quoted "yes!". Then my planning started. Since I was the only dutch one to know about this, I had to dig through my options to see how to get out of a suit with tie.


The first possibility I saw to get out, was do a marriage in alternative clothes. That ended me up in a huge discussion, some headaches, and slappings because someone wanted to marry in a non white traditional wedding dress and I had to find the suit to match it. Feeling horrible about this, I still kept digging on and showed Donna some Celtic wedding dresses witch she liked, yet she still was whining for this ehm "thing". Considering this plan too me like 2/3 years of planning and still didn't bring me the desired results, it was time to take things into more drastic matters. So, what usually is not expected when you're in trouble? Put the soon to be sister in law on the computer to help out with alternative costumes might work. (haha) and it did!

This then had my outfit organized, which was the biggest pain to get, and onto the party it went.


The big day? Ehm no, The bachelor parties first.

Parties? You spoiled brats? Ehm, spoiled brat actually, i had 2 parties... Yeah i know, not planned, but bumped into it anyways. How come? Well, ehm, since i play eve-online there was one person i really wanted to meet. In order to be sure that i had the chance to meet him, i know there was only one way, i could absolutely be certain, i could meet him. And that was to make him my best man. In return he took the opportunity to organzse a bachelor party for me in Amsterdam. Ohw yeah, seen more beer than i could count whilst being sober and more red lights than the rear of a city bus can handle. I can say, it is an experience, but those don't do it for me...

It was great fun to meet all the other EVE players that were there though. I've enjoyed my weekend along verry much and it was great to see people from allover the globe.


And before? Bachelor party number one.

Oh yeah, i will definitely not forget this one. Me and Donna hoisted in T-shirts with a married couple printed on them. (ugh) But the worst part, they had our faces (argh!!!) so, what did we do? We went bowling. And of course, i couldn't handle the T-shirt, so decided to play em all under the table as revenge. HAH. That shall teach them, not to do so again. After our lovely enjoyable hour of bowling we went for a big and filling stone grilled meal which was very nice. Together it was a very enjoyable evening with loads a laughter and fun. Especially when someone.... :)


The BIG day.


A new time starts

What, hes gone insane? haha, been that all the time. But seriously, this has been on my mind for a long long time, and it does not want to get away. Therefore, it must be true. The truth is the only thing i can not push away or place amonths the sometimes weard thoughts my mind seems to produce, therefore, a new time...


So what am i talking about?


I am talking about our current lifes. The way the world currently is developing. The way we want to live our lifes and the way we currently are living them. I am talking about what we realy want to do, what is in our real agend, and not just what we seem to think is best.

weard, strange, impossible, dumb, stupit, doesnt exist, can not be done, ive heard those numerous times. And those people are incorrect.

The thing i am talking about, the change that i think is needed, is a verry large change for humanity. But it definetly is a positive change for us all. Let me at least try, if your still reading that is, try to enlighten you and see your opinions about it.


Currently we have an economy based on money and controll of the masses. But this economy is failing under the drums of technology. The reason this failure goes so slowly is due to the fact we are so lsow in introducing new technologies. Fiction? nope, sorry... The truth. In fact, so far the truth that it is worrying. 30 years ago we needed someting like 650.000 american farmers to feed the american population. Today we need 65.000 to feed the larger population of america. 20 years ago the average building time to build a house was a little over a year. On the buildingsite you would constantly see 5 to 10 people working as a bare minimum. Today we need 3 people to put up a house in 1 week. The rest is or already can be done by machines that do not require our interaction since the drawings we made for our houses, they can build in a lego system way. 15 years ago it would take 15 to 20 people to drawout a flat with all its complicated constructions. Today this requires a team of 4 and they do the work in a fraction of the time.


But, where have all the people gone then? Did they all die? No, not at all. They are all placed in legal, healthcare and social jobs. The rest, we can not give a job, we just use to keep a shitload of people occupied by pestering them continuously.


Controll of the masses? nono, we live in a free world. WE can VOTE. We have religions that we can join if we want, and our leaders do what is best for us. You realy been watching with your eyes open? Did you ever see your leaders actualy execute the program they use to collect your votes for for even as much as a bare 50%? Do you see them lower your taxes without shuvving a higher one trough your troat? But they do not steal from us right? They work for what we give them and we get back what we put as funding into their projects. Oh? So you are telling me that the roughly 65% taxes you pay of your wages you see back in some kind of project? Yeah right, the project "fill my wallet" that one you do see. Take these new highway projects. The so called enviroment lobby stops this project for a while... just a mere 30 years, makign the road roughly 30x as expansive, and creating trafficjams for the same period of time. Who do you think paid that? the government or YOU?

So ehm this war in Iraq, we realy wanted that right? I mean, he was killing all those people and had tuns of atomic weapons hidden in the desert right? The same for osama bin laden and the other gangbangers over there. I mean, they need to die becouse they are killing us in masses. We are harmless to them, but they bomb our woman, kill our kids and destroy our verry own homes.... Ehm, when where? 5000 people died with one suicide bombing that got proven to be flown by an american trained pilot using the exact same route as was practiced a year before during a NORAD test run...

The bombings in london? Ehm yeah sure, on the exact same day as there was a huge training exercise in the city going on. Strange, noone mentioned that on TV... The murdering of a dutch politician... Oh yeah, he got warned 20 times before that they wanted him dead, but the governemnt refused to protect him. But did this appear after he had this great hole put in his head? No, it got forgotten.... How convienient... But.. they love you... Sure...

Religians, Sure, we all love our gods. Or however you want to name him. We write books about him and on the verry first pages we put, he loves us unconditionally.. Then the next 1000 pages we try to tell you that there are loads of conditions you need to meet... or you go to hell.. Or you do not get your virgins... or, if you pick the wrong beleaf, you will rot till eternity passes over... Ehm yeah, sure, But god loves you our priest tell you. So shutup, donate your money into this bag now. Weve got poor people to feed. Who? who has actualy been fed by the church over the last couple of years without lieing? Not as much as we donated, thats for sure. So, if your god is allmighty, then why does he require money? Guess his allmightyness does not have controll over the moneyprints? Not so mighty then?

Or did we somehow read the books wrong? Is there something that does not work the way we think it does? IF so, why didnt we find it before?


Well, thats the current pile of rubbish i see everyday around me, and to be frankly, i am getting pritty sick of it. There must be a better way...


...But there is, you just never looked for it...


Ehm, what ya say? And who are you?


Just for writing, it does not matter who or what i am, but i still have given you that answer.


Okay, so i seriously thought i was going insane there. After doing loads of reasearch and reading i found out that i might not be so insane as i thought i was. Probebly i might even be quite sane and i might be realising that i am probebly more awake than many of us currently are. There is more than the eye can see, and the ears of many are yet willing to hear. Not becouse they do not want to but becouse they have not yet learned to look and see beond what is created to block our sight and knowledge.


The better way we have is sharing. Sharing all we have. This can be done by setting up a open source economy. An economy that allows everyone full acces to all the universe`s resources on everything. This will not be a process of one day to creat, but probebly one of many days, years or maybe even the process of a lifetime although that is a verry long time. This is what i have set my goal upon, what i realy want to do.

Knowing how, i do not know yet, but someday that will be remembered. Freedom, the true free will to live and experience EVERYTHING belongs to EVERYONE, not just to the elite.

There are many groups doing this, why not join one of them, why not help them create what they do?


--- to be continued ---